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Lighting for retail applications

Lighting for retail applications
Over the past decade we have been locally manufacturing luminaires for variety of retail projects.

Those ranging from small service station fit outs (Caltex) to large retail roll out with hundreds of meters of lumininaires in each store Australia wide (Woolworths).

We have worked with lighting and interior designers on testing various luminaires, lamp sources and optics on site or in our factory, to maximise the required impact, enhance the merchandise on display in terms of colour rendering, textures, light intensities and maximise the buyer experience. 

In our luminaire range we use reputable, high quality LED modules which have been developed with retail requirements in mind. Those include Xicato Artist, Designer and Vibrant Series spot and Tridonic LLE LED range for linear applications.

In the past few months we have already implemented Xicato's GalaXi range in retail applications with smart controls and added features such as Beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication.

Our luminaire range for retail applications consists of:
- Standard range which is ready in certain configuration in our stock or can be modified in very short lead times to required configuration, and includes Recessed LED Downlights as fixed & adjustable, Surface mounted LED Downlights and 3Circuit Track with spot luminaires
- Luminaires made to size to suit size specific requirements Linear LED Extrusion Systems
- Bespoke design luminaires to your design brief and requirements 
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