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  • 3S Lighting is a privately owned multi award winning Australian luminaire manufacturer dedicated to producing the finest quality product;
  • Established in 2006, our factory is located in Somersby, NSW with sales teams and distributors providing sales and technical support in all states and territories;
  • Decades of luminaire manufacturing experience from Australia and overseas as a team ready to assist you with luminaire solutions.
3s Lighting Head Office; Somersby, Australia
3s Lighting Head Office. Somersby, Australia


  • Proud to be manufacturing luminaires locally using 100% renewable energy thereby reducing the carbon footprint our products would otherwise add to the project;
  • Other sustainable initiatives include our operational methods.


  • Continually evaluating available technologies from our suppliers in order to offer specifiers the latest options today;
  • Work with designers to incorporate innovative technologies, searching for the best possible solutions to deliver production runs in competitive lead times;
  • 3S Lighting products are manufactured with the most advanced and computer integrated systems.


  • State of the art CAD systems coupled to computer-controlled prototyping and production machinery;
  • Products progress from CAD design to container dispatch within a few days.
  • Multiple state of the art production lines with fast tooling changeover guarantees flexible production enabling prototyping and design changes to be made quickly and easily, satisfying our clients ever changing needs and requirements. Whether you require lighting solutions for new projects or are upgrading existing developments that may need to adhere to strict heritage guidelines and restrictions.
  • 3S Lighting is able to acquire new components, technologies, tests, and prototypes to evaluate new products and proceed to full production in amazingly short lead times.
  • R & D and test facility constantly developed and updated to the latest advances in lighting technologies and products.


  • An opportunity to specify Interior and Exterior luminaires from our standard range, with flexible customization to every product.
  • Bespoke design luminaire capabilities offering complete project solution giving designers freedom to deliver unique project outcomes.
  • 3S Lighting also offers the RZB Lighting range of luminaires to local markets in NSW.

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